Soil Stockpile Volume Calculator

Soil Stockpile Volume Calculator is a user-friendly tool that calculates the volume of soil that has been stockpiled. This calculator is specifically designed to cater to individuals who work with soil stockpiles, including engineers, contractors, and surveyors. By entering the dimensions of the stockpile, the calculator instantly determines the volume of the soil in cubic yards, which is a crucial factor in construction and excavation projects. With accurate volume calculations, individuals can plan for suitable equipment and transportation, and they can minimize the risk of underestimating soil requirements. This calculator is a reliable and efficient solution to calculate soil stockpile volume, and it provides individuals with the knowledge they need to plan their projects effectively.

Soil Stockpile Volume Calculator

Calculate the volume of a soil stockpile.

Soil Stockpile Volume Calculator Results
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In geotechnical engineering, calculating soil properties involves both soil stockpile volume and saturated unit weight of soil. Our soil stockpile volume calculator pairs well with the saturated unit weight of soil calculator, simplifying soil-related calculations.

How to Use the Soil Stockpile Volume Calculator

The Soil Stockpile Volume Calculator plays a crucial role in determining the quantity of soil material present in a stockpile. It enables users to make informed decisions regarding soil management, transportation, and storage. By accurately calculating the volume of a soil stockpile, professionals can optimize project planning, resource allocation, and cost estimation.

Primary Applications of the Calculator

The Soil Stockpile Volume Calculator finds applications in several areas, including:

  • Construction Projects: Estimating the volume of soil stockpiles helps in planning excavation, embankment, and grading operations.
  • Landscaping and Gardening: Calculating soil volumes assists in determining the amount of soil needed for planting, turfing, or creating garden beds.
  • Environmental Remediation: Assessing the volume of contaminated soil stockpiles is essential for effective site cleanup and remediation strategies.
  • Soil Conservation: Measuring soil volumes aids in managing soil erosion, soil restoration, and land reclamation projects.

Instructions for Utilizing the Calculator

To utilize the Soil Stockpile Volume Calculator, follow these instructions:

Input Fields

  • Length: Enter the length of the stockpile in meters.
  • Width: Provide the width of the stockpile in meters.
  • Height: Specify the height or depth of the stockpile in meters.
  • Shape: Select the shape of the stockpile from the available options: Rectangle or Cylinder.
  • Radius (for Cylinder): If the shape selected is a cylinder, enter the radius of the base in meters.
  • Units: Choose the desired unit of measurement: Metric or Imperial.

Output Fields

After submitting the form, the Soil Stockpile Volume Calculator will provide the following information in the results table:

  • Length: Displays the entered length of the stockpile.
  • Width: Indicates the entered width of the stockpile.
  • Height: Shows the entered height or depth of the stockpile.
  • Shape: Indicates the selected shape of the stockpile.
  • Radius (for Cylinder): Displays the entered radius of the cylinder (if applicable).
  • Units: Indicates the selected unit of measurement.
  • Calculated Volume: Provides the calculated volume of the soil stockpile.

Soil Stockpile Volume Formula

The formula used by the Soil Stockpile Volume Calculator depends on the shape of the stockpile:

For a Rectangle:

  • Volume = Length * Width * Height

For a Cylinder:

  • Volume = π * Radius² * Height

Illustrative Example

Suppose we want to calculate the volume of a rectangular soil stockpile with the following dimensions:

  • Length: 10 meters
  • Width: 6 meters
  • Height: 4 meters

After inputting these values into the calculator, the results will be displayed as follows:

  • Length: 10
  • Width: 6
  • Height: 4
  • Shape: Rectangle
  • Radius: 0 (not applicable)
  • Units: Metric
  • Calculated Volume: 240 cubic meters

Illustrative Table Example







Calculated Volume (cubic meters)


The table above demonstrates multiple examples of calculating the volume of soil stockpiles with different dimensions and shapes.

The Soil Stockpile Volume Calculator is a valuable tool for accurately estimating the volume of soil stockpiles. By providing the required input parameters, users can quickly determine the quantity of soil material, enabling efficient planning and resource management. Whether for construction, landscaping, or environmental projects, utilizing the Soil Stockpile Volume Calculator enhances productivity and reduces material waste, ultimately leading to cost savings and improved project outcomes.

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