Slope Distance Calculator

The Slope Distance Calculator is an essential tool for anyone involved in construction, mining, surveying, or any other field that requires accurate measurements. It allows you to calculate the distance between two points on a slope while taking into account the inclination and declination of the slope. This information is critical for planning, designing, and executing projects that involve sloping terrain. With this calculator, you can ensure that you get the most precise measurements possible, which can save you time, money, and effort. Whether you're a professional or someone who loves to tackle DIY projects, the Slope Distance Calculator is your go-to tool for all your sloping measurement needs.

Slope Distance Calculator

Calculate the slope distance based on input parameters.

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Find the slope distance for your project with our slope distance calculator. For precise slope angle calculations, explore our slope to degrees calculator.

How to Use the Slope Distance Calculator

The Slope Distance Calculator is a helpful tool for calculating the slope distance based on the provided parameters. It is commonly used in various fields such as surveying, engineering, and construction. By inputting the height, angle, and slope, you can determine the slope distance accurately.

Instructions for Utilizing the Slope Distance Calculator

To make use of the Slope Distance Calculator, follow these steps:

  • Height: Enter the height value. This represents the vertical distance from a reference point to the target point.
  • Angle: Specify the angle value. This angle refers to the inclination or elevation between the horizontal plane and the line of sight to the target point.
  • Slope: Enter the slope value as a percentage. This indicates the steepness or gradient of the slope.

After providing the necessary values, click the "Calculate Slope Distance" button.

The calculator will process the input data and perform the required calculations to determine the slope distance.

Slope Distance Calculation

The calculation performed by the Slope Distance Calculator is as follows:

  • Convert the angle from degrees to radians.
  • Convert the slope from a percentage to radians.
  • Calculate the slope distance using the following formula:
    1. Slope Distance = Height / (sin(angle) / cos(angle) + sin(slope))

The formula considers the height, angle, and slope to calculate the slope distance accurately.

Illustrative Example

Let's consider an example to illustrate how the Slope Distance Calculator works:

Suppose you are conducting a survey, and you measure a height of 50 meters. The angle of elevation from the horizontal plane is 30 degrees, and the slope is 10%. You can use these values to calculate the slope distance.

Using the given inputs, the Slope Distance Calculator will determine the slope distance accurately.

Illustrative Table Example

The following table provides multiple rows of example data to demonstrate the functionality of the Slope Distance Calculator:

Height (m)

Angle (degrees)

Slope (%)

Slope Distance (m)


The table showcases different scenarios with varying input values and the corresponding calculated slope distances.

The Slope Distance Calculator is a valuable tool for accurately determining the slope distance based on the height, angle, and slope values. It simplifies the calculation process and provides reliable results for surveying, engineering, and construction applications. By utilizing this calculator, professionals can save time and ensure precise measurements in their projects.

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