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If you own a property with a well, you know how important it is to manage your water usage to ensure your water supply doesn't run dry. Fortunately, there's a quick and easy way to estimate how long your well water supply will last based on your needs and water usage habits. Our tool does just that, helping you gain a clearer understanding of how much water you and your family use and how long that water will last. With just a few simple inputs, you can calculate your water usage and be better informed about your well water supply.

Well Water Calculator

Calculate the estimated volume of water in a well and the time it will take to refill.

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How to Use the Well Water Calculator

The Well Water Calculator is a useful tool that allows you to estimate the volume of water in a well and determine the time it will take to refill based on various parameters. This calculator is particularly significant for individuals who rely on wells for their water supply, as it helps them understand the dynamics of their well system and plan accordingly.

Primary Applications

The Well Water Calculator finds applications in the following scenarios:

  • Well Management: This calculator assists well owners in assessing the capacity and efficiency of their wells. By estimating the volume of water and the time required for refill, individuals can optimize water usage and ensure a sustainable water supply.
  • Planning and Maintenance: The calculator aids in planning well maintenance activities, such as pump sizing, recovery rate optimization, and understanding the impact of well depth and diameter on water availability.

Instructions for Utilizing the Calculator:

To utilize the Well Water Calculator, follow these steps:

Input Fields

The calculator requires the following input:

  • Well Diameter: Enter the diameter of the well in inches. This parameter helps calculate the cross-sectional area of the well.
  • Water Level: Specify the current water level in the well, measured in feet below the surface. This value represents the depth at which water is currently present.
  • Total Depth: Enter the total depth of the well in feet. This is the distance from the top of the well to the bottom.
  • Static Water Level: Indicate the static water level, measured in feet below the surface. The static water level represents the depth at which water naturally rests without pumping.
  • Pump Capacity: Enter the pump capacity in gallons per minute (GPM). This value represents the amount of water the pump can deliver in one minute.
  • Recovery Rate: Specify the recovery rate of the well in gallons per hour (GPH). The recovery rate indicates the rate at which the well refills with water after pumping.

Output Fields

The calculator provides the following output:

  • Estimated Volume of Water: This value represents the estimated volume of water present in the well, calculated based on the well diameter, water level, total depth, and static water level.
  • Time to Refill: This indicates the estimated time it will take for the well to refill after pumping. The calculation takes into account the pump capacity and recovery rate.

Well Water Formula:

The calculations performed by the Well Water Calculator involve the following formula:

  • Well Volume = π * (Well Diameter / 2)^2 * (Total Depth - Water Level - Static Water Level)
  • Time to Refill = (Well Volume / (Pump Capacity * 60)) + (Well Volume / Recovery Rate)

In plain English, the well volume is estimated by calculating the cross-sectional area of the well and multiplying it by the difference between the total depth and the water level. The time to refill is determined by dividing the well volume by the pump capacity converted to gallons per hour and adding it to the well volume divided by the recovery rate.

Illustrative Example:

Let's consider an example to demonstrate the functionality of the Well Water Calculator:

Suppose you have a well with a diameter of 8 inches, a current water level of 50 feet below the surface, a total depth of 200 feet, a static water level of 20 feet below the surface, a pump capacity of 10 gallons per minute, and a recovery rate of 200 gallons per hour.


  • Well Diameter: 8 inches
  • Water Level: 50 feet below surface
  • Total Depth: 200 feet
  • Static Water Level: 20 feet below surface
  • Pump Capacity: 10 gallons per minute
  • Recovery Rate: 200 gallons per hour


Upon submitting the form, the Well Water Calculator will perform the necessary calculations based on the provided inputs:

  • Well Volume = π * (8 / 2)^2 * (200 - 50 - 20) ≈ 3,779.17 cubic inches
  • Time to Refill = (3,779.17 / (10 * 60)) + (3,779.17 / 200) ≈ 20.65 minutes


The Well Water Calculator will provide the following results:

  • Estimated Volume of Water: Approximately 3,779.17 cubic inches
  • Time to Refill: Around 20.65 minutes

Illustrative Table Example:

To further illustrate the functionality of the Well Water Calculator, consider the following table with different well configurations:

Well Diameter (in)Water Level (ft)Total Depth (ft)Static Water Level (ft)Pump Capacity (GPM)Recovery Rate (GPH)Estimated Volume of Water (cubic inches)Time to Refill (minutes)

Note: The table presents examples with different well diameters, water levels, total depths, static water levels, pump capacities, and recovery rates. It demonstrates how the Well Water Calculator generates customized results based on the inputs provided.

The Well Water Calculator is a valuable tool for individuals who rely on wells for their water supply. By inputting specific parameters such as well diameter, water level, total depth, static water level, pump capacity, and recovery rate, users can estimate the volume of water in their well and determine the time it will take to refill.

Understanding the dynamics of a well system is essential for effective well management and planning. The Well Water Calculator assists in optimizing water usage, scheduling pumping activities, and ensuring a sustainable water supply. It enables well owners to make informed decisions regarding well maintenance, pump sizing, and water consumption.

By utilizing the Well Water Calculator, individuals can gain insights into their well's water volume and refill time, facilitating efficient water management and promoting a more sustainable use of this valuable resource.

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