VTR Calculator (View-Through Rate)

View through rate is a metric to calculate how effective your video is. Is your video is influencing the people? To know the answer the you need to calculate VTR. Here is our VTR calculate which will help you measure VTR. You need to enter total views and total impressions. VTR calculator will output the VTR.

VTR Calculator (View-Through Rate)

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What is VTR calculator?

VTR refers to View through rate. It is usually used for measuring the video related ad campaign. If you running video ad campaign, want to measure View through rate, you can use our calculator. It is very simple to measure VTR of any video related campaign. You need to provide two data which are total views and total impressions. Then our calculator will help you to measure it.

How to calculate VTR?

To calculate VTR, you can use our calclator. Even you can manually calculate the VTR. The VTR calculation is simple. Divide the total number of views with total imporessions. Then multiply the result with 100. The product is VTR. 

VTR Formula is: VTR = Total Number of Views ÷ Total Impressions  x 1000

Below image shows the VTR Formula . By using this formula you will be able to measure VTR manually

VTR Formula

What is a good view through rate?

Good View through rate varies according to industry. In general, Good VTR is about 15% . This percentage indicates that 15% of visitors will watch your video.

How is view through rate calculated on Facebook?

VTR calculation formula in Facebook is the same as youtube or any other platform. To get VTR  of divide number of total views with impression. The result will be the VTR.

What is the difference between VCR and VTR?

VTR Stands for View through rate which indicates the ratio of total views and impression. Similarly, VCR stands for Video completion rate. VCR indicates how many people completed the Video from those who started watching?

How do I improve my VTR?

There are several ways to improve VTR. We have provided some suggestions here. Firstly, Focus on Video thumbnails. The first impression of your video starts from a thumbnail. Secondly, careful about Video length, headline and descriptions.