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In our daily expenditure, the term VAT is very common. A VAT is an amount which added to the products or service on the supply chain where the value is added. Wherever you go to you have to pay this VAT as if you buy something or travel anywhere. So sometimes it's confusing how much you have paid extra. Sometimes we see that the value of the product shows to us including the VAT. In that case, people get confused what is the actual price of the product. To do this work simplest here we have added a new calculator which is the VAT calculator. Now you can easily count the total amount that you have to pay. Using our calculator you can easily count the product value including or excluding the VAT.

Vat Calculator

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What is the correct way to calculate VAT?

The correct way to calculate vat is first to add the vat percentage with your gross amount. Suppose you expend $1000 for any service and products and the VAT is 15% on this then you have to pay 1000 + (1+ 15/100). That's the total amount you have to pay. 

How do I calculate VAT from a total amount?

You can easily calculate the reverse vat amount. You can use our reverse vat calculator. Or to calculate the VAT from a total amount you have to divide the gross amount with (1 + VAT percentage). If you pay $150 for any purchase and suppose the VAT is 10% on product. Then you have paid $13.64 extra as VAT

What percentage is VAT?

The standard percentage of VAT is 20%. It varies from country to country based on the products and services. 

What is the current VAT rate 2020?

In the USA the current vat rate is 20% whereas in the EU it is ruled to keep it lower than 15%.. In South Africa, it is also 15%.