Tip Calculator

The tip Calculator is to calculate the tip or gratuity. We normally pay tips to the service workers when we go to any places to eat or drink. Sometimes people also pay tips to the service workers for various services. But the common problem people face is that how much they should pay as tips. In most countries, it is usually paying 15% of the total costs. Now you can calculate your tips on our tips calculator.

Tips Calculator

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Is 15% a good tip?

There is nothing fixed that you have to pay 15%. It solely depends on the amount you are paying and how much you are satisfied with. But it's good if you are paying much.

How much of a tip should I give?

If you are satisfied with the service and surroundings you can give 15% to 20%. In the USA it's a common tradition to pay a 15% tip. But outside the USA it differs. Actually, the tip rate depends on the satisfactory level. So it's upon you. 

How much do you tip on $100?

On $100 you can pay 20% to one. At this rate, you have to pay an extra $5.