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As businesses and organizations grow, their network infrastructure also expands in terms of the number of devices and users. To ensure efficient network management, it is essential to divide the overall network into smaller segments known as subnets. This is where a subnet calculator comes into play, enabling administrators to divide their network into multiple subnets with different IP addresses. This tool offers a reliable and efficient means of identifying IP ranges, subnet masks, and other network configurations. By using a subnet calculator, network administrators can better manage their networks and keep them running smoothly. In this article, we will explore the benefits of using a subnet calculator and how it can help you manage your network more effectively.

Subnet Calculator

Calculate subnet mask, number of hosts, and IP address range for a given network.

Enter a value between 0 and 32
Enter an integer value
Enter an integer value greater than 1
Enter a valid IPv4 address
Enter a valid IPv4 address
Subnet Calculator Results
IP Address:
Subnet Mask:
Subnet Bits:0
Number of Subnets:0
Number of Hosts per Subnet:0
Subnet ID:
Broadcast Address:
Number of Possible Hosts per Subnet:0
Wildcard Mask:
Network Mask:
Number of Total Hosts:0
IP Address Range: -

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