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By using Square Calculator, you will be able to find the square of any number. You can enter a positive integer, negative number, or decimal number in the box. After hitting the calculate button, you will get the result. If a number is multiplied by 2 times by the same number then it is called square. Usually, square of any number is expressed by a². Here 2 is the index of power a and its base is a

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What is Square? 

A square is the product of the multiplication of numbers by itself. Geometrically, a square is a rectangle with equal sides. The square with a side of x units has an area of X² square units. Conversely, if the area of a square is x² square unit, then the length of each side is x units. 

What is the perfect Square Number?

Generally, if a natural number m can be expressed as square (n²) Of another natural number n, then m is a square number. Here the number m is known as a perfect square number.

The characteristic of the numbers l, 4, 9, 25, 49 is that they can be expressed as squares of any other integer. Such numbers are square numbers.  For example, the square of 21 is 21 x 21 or 441 which is a perfect square. 

Square Table of 0 to 9

00 x 00
11 x 11
22 x 24
33 x 39
44 x 416
55 x 525
66 x 636
77 x 749
88 x 864
99 x 981