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RPM Calculator

Calculate your website's revenue per thousand impressions

RPM Calculator Results
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Impressions UnitThousands (K)

revolutions per minute (rpm) is a common measurement in various contexts, including engines and motors. Our rpm calculator simplifies rpm calculations. To gain insights into related calculations and understand their implications for rpm and revenue generation, consider linking it with our adsense revenue calculator. This integrated approach offers comprehensive resources for rpm analysis.

How to Use the RPM Calculator for Website Revenue

If you are a website owner, it is essential to have a good understanding of your website's revenue performance. One way to measure the revenue performance of your website is by calculating its Revenue per Thousand Impressions (RPM). The RPM Calculator is an online tool that helps website owners determine their website's RPM. In this blog post, we will provide step-by-step instructions on how to utilize the RPM Calculator and explain its significance.

Instructions for Utilizing the RPM Calculator:

The RPM Calculator requires four input fields:

  • Estimated Earnings: This field requires the estimated amount of revenue generated by your website.
  • Number of Pageviews: This field requires the total number of pageviews generated by your website.
  • Currency: This field requires the currency used to report the estimated earnings.
  • Impressions Unit: This field requires the unit of measurement used for reporting the number of pageviews. The options available are thousands (K) and millions (M).

Once all input fields are filled out, click on the "Calculate RPM" button to obtain the result.

The RPM Calculator provides five output fields:

  • Estimated Earnings: This field displays the estimated earnings provided by the user.
  • Number of Pageviews: This field displays the number of pageviews provided by the user.
  • Currency: This field displays the currency provided by the user.
  • Impressions Unit: This field displays the impressions unit provided by the user.
  • RPM: This field displays the RPM calculated based on the user's input data.


The RPM formula calculates the revenue generated by a website per thousand impressions. The formula can be expressed as:

RPM = (Estimated Earnings / Number of Pageviews) * (Impressions Unit)

Illustrative Example:

Suppose a website generates an estimated earnings of $500,000 and has a total of 2,000,000 pageviews in USD. Using the RPM Calculator, the result would be:

  • Estimated Earnings: USD 500,000
  • Number of Pageviews: 2,000,000
  • Currency: USD
  • Impressions Unit: Millions (M)
  • RPM: USD 250.00

Illustrative Table Example:

Estimated EarningsNumber of PageviewsCurrencyImpressions UnitRPM
USD 500,0002,000,000USDMillions (M)USD 250.00

In conclusion, the RPM Calculator is a valuable tool for website owners to measure their website's revenue performance. By providing the estimated earnings, number of pageviews, currency, and impressions unit, the RPM Calculator can calculate the RPM of a website. With this information, website owners can make informed decisions on how to improve their website's revenue performance.

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