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A rectangle is a parallelogram with one right angle. Also, a parallelogram with all right angles is a rectangle. if one of the angles of a parallelogram is a right angle, the others are right too. Thus, all the angles of a rectangle are right angles and the opposite sides are equal. Every rectangle has length and breadth as the arms of the adjacent two sides are equal. The area of the rectangle region is the product of length and breadth. 

Area of Rectangle Calculator

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What is a rectangle?

A rectangle is a parallelogram with a  right angle. The region bounded by a rectangle is a rectangular region.

How the area of the Rectangle is calculated?

Let, the length of AB = a, breadth BC = b and diagonal AC = d of rectangle ABCD. We know , the diagonal D of a rectangle divides the into two triangular regions. 

Area Of rectangle ABCD = 2x area of ABC  = 2 x (a x b) ÷ 2 = ab 

If the length of the rectangular region ABCD AB = a units (say, meter), breadth BC = b units  (say, meter), the area of the region ABCD =  ab Square units (say, Square meters). 

The Formula to calculate of rectangle area is = Length x Breadth


How area of Rectangle is calculated

What is the formula for area of the rectangle?

The Formula to calculate of rectangle area is = Length x Breadth

What is the formula of perimeter?

The formula of the perimeter, P = 2L + 2W

Here L = Length and W = Width 

What is area and volume?

Area denotes the space of two-dimensional flat objects and the volume is the space of the three-dimensional objects.