Reach Calculator

Reach calculator is the ratio of total impression and frequency. If you want to calculate the total reach you can use the below calculator. Here you need to enter the total impression and frequency. Then You have to hit calculate button. 

Reach Calculator

Enter total Imporession and Frequency ,hit the Calculate button

Reach Calculator Result
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Reach Calcultor Formula

As We have told earlier, the Rech calculator is the division of the number of total impressions and frequency. So, if we formalize the Reach calculation Equation, it will be 

Reach = Impression ÷ Frequency

Reach Calculator Formula

Reach indicates that how many people or potential customer views your page or products ads within a specific period of time. It usually excludes duplication.

Impression indicates how many times your content is displayed. No matter, people click on the ads or not. 

Frequency means how many times a customer or people see your product.