Multiplication Calculator

Multiplication calculator can be used for multiplication of any number. During multiplication, the first number is known as multiplicand and the second number is multiplier. The result is called product. Enter any number in the below calculator to get the result.

Multiplication Calculator

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Multiplication Calculator
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What is Multiplication?

Multiplication is equivalent to repeated addition. Assume, you want to find the product of 3 x 4. As we have told earlier, multiplication is the repeated addition. Therefore, 3 x 4 is equivalent to adding three four

=>  3 x 4 = 4+4+4

Thus, 3 x 4 = 12. You can view the product of 3 x 4 in below line. 

How multiplication works

Symbol of Multiplications

In the  below table we have make the list of multiplication symbol. Multiplication can be expressed in three ways. Lets have a look 

xtimes symbol3 x 4
( )parentheses(3)(4) or 3(4) or (3)4