Image Aspect Ratio Calculator

Aspect Ratio Calculator will help you to calculate the aspect ratio of any images , Websites or videos. You may not aware of this ration. In our day to day life, every rectanglur objects in nature maintain this ratio. To use this tools, enter the height and width and hit calculate button. 

Image Aspect Ratio Calculator

Enter Width & Height of your image and hit the Calculate button


ImageAspect Ratio Result

Height 1280 Units
Width 720 Units
Ratio (Width: Height)16:9
For 16:9 Height Should be720 Units
For 4:3 Height Should be 960 Units

Image Aspect Ratio 

Image Ratio Calculation

Aspect ratio is the mathmatical term which is used to calculate the width and height rati of an image. Here we have provided some common aspect ratio which are commonly used in different places. 

HD Vedio16:9
Standard Monitor4:3
Google Camera 16:9

Even Google also follows aspect ratio on their search box, Logo, Microphone Symbol etc. You can check it here.