Hockey Calories Burned Calculator

Attention all hockey players! Do you ever wonder how many calories you burn while playing your favorite sport? Well, wonder no more! Our Hockey Calories Burned Calculator can help you determine just how many calories you're burning on the ice. Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned player, tracking the number of calories you're burning can help you make informed decisions about your diet and exercise routine. With our easy-to-use calculator, simply input your weight, the duration of your game, and the intensity of your play to get an estimate of the number of calories you've burned. So, if you want to know just how much energy you're expending during your hockey games, give our calculator a try!

Hockey Calories Burned Calculator

Calculate the calories burned while playing hockey.

Hockey Calories Burned Calculator Results
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How to Use the Hockey Calories Burned Calculator

The Hockey Calories Burned Calculator is a valuable tool for estimating the number of calories burned while playing hockey. Hockey is a physically demanding sport that requires significant energy expenditure. This calculator helps you understand the calories you burn during a hockey game, allowing you to track your energy expenditure and make informed decisions about your nutrition and training.

Instructions for Utilizing the Calculator

To make use of the Hockey Calories Burned Calculator, follow these simple steps:

  1. Input Fields:
    • Duration (minutes): Enter the total duration of your hockey game or session in minutes. This value helps determine the calorie burn accurately.
    • Weight (kg): Provide your weight to enable the calculator to calculate calories burned based on your body mass.
    • Intensity: Select the intensity level of your hockey activity. Choose from Low, Medium, or High.
    • Age: Enter your age to account for age-related variations in calorie expenditure.
    • Gender: Select your gender from the provided options.

Accurate input data is crucial for obtaining reliable results.

  1. Output Fields: The calculator generates the following results:
    • Duration (minutes): This field displays the duration value you entered.
    • Weight (kg): The weight value you input will be shown in this field.
    • Intensity: The selected intensity level of your hockey activity is displayed.
    • Age: This field shows the age value you entered.
    • Gender: The selected gender is displayed.
    • Calories Burned: This field reveals an estimate of the calories you burned during the hockey game.

Hockey Calories Burned Calculator Formula

The calculation for estimating calories burned during a hockey game can be expressed using the following formula:

Calories Burned = (0.0536 * Weight + 0.0247 * Duration + 0.0972 * Age - 0.074 * Gender Factor) * Duration

Let's break down the formula:

  • Calories Burned: This is the total number of calories you can expect to burn during the hockey game.
  • Weight: Refers to your weight in kilograms, which influences the amount of energy expended during physical activity.
  • Duration: Represents the duration of your hockey game or session in minutes. It serves as a key factor in calculating calorie expenditure.
  • Age: Your age accounts for age-related variations in calorie burn during physical activity.
  • Gender: Your gender is a factor that influences calorie burn. The formula uses gender-specific factors.

The formula considers weight, duration, age, and gender to estimate calorie burn accurately.

Illustrative Example

Let's consider an example to understand how to use the Hockey Calories Burned Calculator effectively:

Suppose you played hockey for 60 minutes, weigh 75 kg, have an intensity level set to Medium, are 30 years old, and identify as male. By plugging these values into the calculator, we can calculate the calories burned as follows:

Calories Burned = (0.0536 * 75 + 0.0247 * 60 + 0.0972 * 30 - 0.074 * 1) * 60 = 528.36

Therefore, according to the calculator, you burned approximately 528.36 calories during the hockey game.

Illustrative Table Example

Here's an example table showcasing the calories burned for different combinations of duration, weight, intensity, age, and gender:

Duration (minutes)

Weight (kg)




Calories Burned


The table demonstrates how the calories burned vary based on different combinations of duration, weight, intensity, age, and gender.

The Hockey Calories Burned Calculator provides a convenient way to estimate the number of calories burned while playing hockey based on various factors. By utilizing this calculator, you can gain insights into your energy expenditure and make informed choices regarding your training and nutrition. Remember to input accurate data for the most reliable results. Lace up your skates, play hockey, and achieve your fitness goals!

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