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Online Exponent calculator helps you to find the exponent of any integer. Exponent refers to the multiplication of the same number at different times. Here, we have presented the exponent calculator which will provide you the result of the exponent with the detailed concept. Let's check and find the result of an exponent.

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If a is any real number, successive multiplication of n as is an; that is, a x a x ... x a (n times a) an, where n is a positive integer. Here, n is index or power and a is base. Converse an — a x a x a x a .... (n times a). 

Exponents may not only be positive integers, they may be negative integers or positive fractions or negative fractions. That is, for base a belongs to R (set of real numbers) and power n belongs Q (set of rational numbers), an is defined. The case of n belongs to N (set of natural numbers) is especially considered. Besides, exponents may also be irrational.