Email Open Rate Calculator

If you are running an email marketing campaign, you need to focus on a lot of things. The very first thing you need to calculate the email open rate. Email open rate depends on a lot of factors, for example, your email subject line, your lead quality, and so on. Email Open rate should have to measure to make your campaign more effective. The below email open rate calculator helps you to measure the email open rate. 

Email Open Rate Calculator

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What are Email Open Rates?

Email open rates refer to the ratio of the number of emails you have sent in your email campaign and the number of opened emails. It is crucial for a successful email campaign. In the year 2020, the average email open rate across the industry is 17.5%

How to calculate the open rate on emails?

If you want to calculate the email open rate, you need to know the formula of the Email open rate. You need to have two important data to calculate. The very first one is, how many emails you have sent. the second one is how many people open the email. After having these data, you need to use the following formula

Email Open rate = Number of emails opened ÷ Number of sent email x 100