CTOR Calculator (Click-To-Open Rate)

Email Service providers use this term frequently. CTOR refers Click to Open Rate. Low CTOR indicates your email body is not good one. People usually click on the email links, when it seems , the link is important. To make good email campaign, you need to measure CTOR. Here is the calculator to measure CTOR.

CTOR Calculator (Click-To-Open Rate)

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CTOR Formula

CTOR is the ratio of Total click and Open. It express with percentage. If you want to do calculation manually, you can follow the below formula. 

CTOR = (Clicked x 100) ÷ Opens

CTOR Formula Image

Difference between CTR and CTOR

CTR is the abbreviation for "click-through rate," which is a measure of how often people who see a particular ad actually click on it. A high CTR indicates that people are interested in the product or service being advertised, while a low CTR usually means that the ad is not very effective.

CTOR is the abbreviation for "cost-per-thousand impressions," which is a measure of how much it costs to show an ad to 1,000 people. A high CTOR means that the advertiser is paying a lot of money to reach a large number of people, while a low CTOR indicates that the ad is not very expensive to run.

Difference between CTA and CTOR

CTA stands for "call to action." A CTA is a statement or phrase that encourages a reader, viewer, or listener to do something. CTOR stands for "call to order." A CTOR is a statement or phrase that asks or tells a group of people to begin a meeting or other event.

Way to improve your CTOR

There are many ways to improve your CTOR. Some common ways include:

1. Use the correct data types for your variables.

2. Initialize your variables in the correct order.

3. Use the correct access modifiers for your variables.

4. Use the correct keyword for your variables.

5. Use comments to explain what your variables are for.

6. Use white space correctly to make your code more readable.

7. Follow the naming conventions for your variables.

8. Use the correct operator for your variables.

9. Use parentheses correctly to group your variables.

10. Use the correct order of operations for your variables.

How do you calculate CTOR?

CTOR is calculated by the ratio of number of click and unique opens. So, If you want to calculate CTOR, you need to know click and unique open numbers. Let, Number of Unique Click is 100 and Open is 200. The CTOR will be 50%. It is multiplied by 100 for percentange. 

What is a good CTOR rate?

It is actually hard to define good CTOR Rate. Usually it is considered 20-30% CTOR Rate is good. Below the average it is considered as bad CTOR. It is mentionable that, It may varies according to the industry.

What does CTOR stand for?

CTOR Stands for the Click-to-Open-Rate which is compared with the number of email opened and clicked. 

How can improve CTOR?

There are several ways to improve CTOR. We have mentioned here some of the important technique to improve your CTOR. 

Good Subject line

Before openning any email, an audience take a look of the subject line. If your subject line can attracts your audience, it has possiblities to increase the open rate. As CTOR rate is solely dependent on Subject line. 

Short and Specific Email Body

Usuallay audience don't like to read longer. So be specific in your email. Write short but effective email body. It will increase the CTOR. 

Offer Targeted Content

Make segment of your email list. Don't send unwanted and boring content to audience. It will reduce your CTOR. Send the Targeted content to your audiences.

Personalized email

Who doesn't like personalized things. If you write personalized thing, it will increase the the CTOR definitely.

Add Buttons to Improve CTOR

Adding link without button it is an old school. If you really want to improve CTOR, you should add button in your email copy. Button grabs the attention of your audience. So, It is recommended to use button in email body.