CPE Calculator (Cost Per Engagement)

The average amount you have to pay for each engagement is known as CPE or Cost Per Engagements. This term is frequently used in different social media campaigns for example Facebook, Twitter or any other social media campaign. This CPE Calculator will help you to measure the average amount for engagements.

CPE Calculator (Cost Per Engagement)

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What is CPE Calculator?

CPE refers to Cost Per Engagement. For a social media campaign, one needs to calculate how the engagement is! For example, If your tweet is good enough, you will get a good number of engagements. Otherwise, you will get less. For measuring Engagement, you need to calculate the CPE. How much you have to pay for an engagement is known as CPE. 

CPE Calculating Formula

CPE is calculated by total cost and total engagement ratio. If you know the total cost and engagement, you can easily calculate CPE by the following formula

CPE = Total Cost ÷ Total Engagements