CPD Calculator (Cost Per Day)

How much you have spend in a day is known as Cost Per Day as CPD. If you have annual or monthly ad budget, you need to calculate the daily spends. CPD Calculator is for this purpose. You just need to enter total budgets or spedns and the number of day. You will get the result. It is also help you to make your income and spend planning. How much money you should spend in a day while the monthly or annual budget is fixed.

CPD Calculator (Cost Per Day)

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What is the use of CPD?

As we know that, CPD stands for cost per day. That means you need to know the total cost and number of days. Infact, CPD is the ratio on total of cost and number of days. It is commonly used to calculating the average ads cost on site. Besides these, It will also eligible for making budgets on different circumstances.

CPD Formula

As we have told earlier, CPD is the ratio of cost and number of days. So the CPD calculation formula will be 

CPD = Total Cost ÷ Number of days