CPC Calculator

CPC stands for Cost Per Click. It indicates how much you have to pay for the click. It is generally used in Advertising campaign. By calculating CPC, you will be able to make plan, how many ads you should run based on your budgets. Our CPC calculator will help you to calculate your CPC. Wheather you run Facebook Campaign, Google PPC campaign or Youtube campaign, you can measure your CPC by using below calculator. Let's check CPC and make a good PPC campaign

Cost Per Click CPC Calculator

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Cost Per Click CPC Calculation
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Why CPC ?

Measuring good CPC is one of the important factors for successful campaign. By CPC calculation, you will be able to get the clear concept about CPC. 

Google and many other search engine sells ads on the basis of CPC. It indicates if any user click on your ads,the cost will be deducted from your account. CPC can be measured by the ratio of cost and number of click

How to calculate CPC?

To calculate CPC, one needs to know two datas These are number of clicks and total cost. If you divide the total cost with number of clicks you will be able to get CPC. 

So, CPC Formula can be written as following format

CPC = Total Cost ÷ Total Clicks