CPA Calculator Cost Per Acquisition

Cost Per Action is known as CPA. It is also known as Cost Per Acquisition. If you are advertiser, you need to measure the cpa rate. Usually it is measured by the total ad spend rate and conversion rate. CPA rate is express in percentage. We have made a handy calculator to measure your CPA rate. 

CPA Calculator (Cost Per Acquisition or Cost Per Action)

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What is CPA?

CPA Stands for cost per action or acquisition. Simply saying, how much money you spent for a single sale or conversions. It is basically advertising term. Webmaster runs ads on different platforms e.g. Facebook, Google , Twitter and many others. They need to calculate average cost for the sale. This term is known as CPA.

Cpa Formula

The equation to calculate CPA is farely simple. You have to divide the total amount or cost with total attributed conversions. Here total amount or cost indicates the total money used for marketing camapaign. It may be google ads, Facebook ads or any other ads campaign.

Cost Per Action = Ad Spend ÷ Conversions

Suppose, you have spent 100 USD in your ad campaign. You have get total 200 leads or any types of conversion. Your conversion rate is 100 ÷ 200 = 2 USD. This is how you can calculate your conversion rate