Conversion Rate Calculator

To make a perfect business plan you need to measure your conversion rate. Coversion rate is calculated through number of conversions and total clicks. It is generally express in percentage. By using our conversion rate calculator, you can measure the conversion rate and decide wheather conversion is ok or not. Let measure the conversion rate

Conversion Rate Calculator

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What is conversion rate?

Conversion rate defination varies from industry to industry. To a webmaster, It is the ratio of total conversion and total user. The visitor comes to your website landind page, then how many people converts for example how many people buy products or sign up or what do you want?

Different types of conversions

There are several types of conversions. We are here try to make list of different possible conversions. Besides, There are many other types can also be listed. We provide it here for your idea.

1. Purchase Products
2. Submit Form or email
3. Call to your business
4. Sign up for subsciptions
5. Register to your site
6. Download anything 
7. Upgrade the service 
8  Purchase Service 

How to calculate conversion rate?

Conversion rate calculation is quiet easy. You need to know two data only. These are 

1. Number of total visitors
2. Number of Conversions

All you have to do divide the number of conversion and total visitors. Then you have multiply by the 100 %. Let, Your website had 1000 visitors and 32 conversions. Then your conversion rate is 3.20%

The formula of website conversion rate  is = Total Conversion  ÷ Total visitors x 100%