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With just a few simple inputs, our calculator can provide an estimate of the number of calories you burn while standing for a given amount of time. Whether you're looking to lose weight or simply monitor your fitness levels, this tool is an excellent resource.

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Calories Burned Standing Calculator with MET

Calculate the number of calories burned while standing based on your weight, time spent standing, and MET (Metabolic Equivalent of Task) level.

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standing for extended periods can burn calories, and estimating this expenditure is helpful for health and fitness goals. Our calories burned standing calculator streamlines this estimation. To explore related calculations and understand their implications for calorie expenditure during various activities, link it with our calories burned walking calculator. This tandem approach offers comprehensive resources for individuals looking to increase their daily activity.

How to Use the Calories Burned Standing Calculator

The "Calories Burned Standing Calculator with MET" is a useful tool that allows you to calculate the number of calories you burn while standing based on your weight, time spent standing, and Metabolic Equivalent of Task (MET) level. This calculator is especially important for individuals who are trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle, lose weight, or monitor their calorie intake.

To utilize the "Calories Burned Standing Calculator with MET," follow these simple instructions:

Input Fields

The required input fields for this calculator include weight, time spent standing, MET level, gender, age, and height. Each input field is important and serves a specific purpose:

  • Weight: Enter your weight in kilograms. This input is crucial as it forms the basis for the calorie calculation.
  • Time Spent Standing: Enter the duration you spend standing in minutes. The longer the duration, the more calories you burn.
  • MET Level: Choose the MET level that corresponds to your activity level while standing. The MET level represents the intensity of your activity, and it ranges from 1.0 (standing still) to 4.0 (running).
  • Gender: Select your gender from the available options (male or female). This input is necessary since males and females have different body compositions that influence calorie burning.
  • Age: Enter your age in years. Age influences the metabolic rate, which affects the number of calories burned.
  • Height: Enter your height in centimeters. This input helps in determining your body mass index (BMI), which influences calorie burning.

Output Fields

The "Calories Burned Standing Calculator with MET" provides an output of the total calories burned while standing. The output is displayed in the "Calories Burned" row of the result table.


The formula for calculating calories burned while standing using the "Calories Burned Standing Calculator with MET" is as follows:

Calories Burned = ((MET * 3.5 * Weight) / 200) * Time

This formula calculates the number of calories burned based on the weight, time spent standing, and MET level.

Illustrative Example

Assuming that a 30-year-old female who weighs 70 kg and is 165 cm tall spends 60 minutes standing while doing moderate walking (MET = 2.5), the total calories burned would be:

Calories Burned = ((2.5 * 3.5 * 70) / 200) * 60 = 245 calories

This means that the individual burned 245 calories while standing for 60 minutes at a moderate walking pace.

Illustrative Table Example

Below is a table of example data with various weight, time, and MET level combinations, along with their corresponding calorie burns.

Weight (kg)Time Spent Standing (min)MET LevelCalories Burned

The "Calories Burned Standing Calculator with MET" is a valuable tool that can help you track your calorie burning while standing. By providing the necessary input data, the calculator computes the number of calories burned, which can help you make informed decisions regarding your diet and lifestyle. Incorporate the "Calories Burned Standing Calculator with MET" into your health and fitness routine to stay on track and achieve your goals

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