Calories burned squash calculator

Amazed! Yeah you are hearing right. Playing Squash is the best way to burn calories. Can’t believe it? It’s very common to burn calories the first thought come to our mind to do heavy exercises or plays. But it is totally amazed that you can burn calories playing squash. It is also named the healthiest game in Forbes. By playing squash one can burn 800-1000 calories in an hour. Games is always the best way to lose weight. When if it is a game like squash, nothing is better that it. Now let’s test it. In the following section there has a Calories burned playing squash calculator you can try it.

Calories burned squas calculator

Enter your weight and Total time of playing squas

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Calories burned squash calculation results
Your Weight 68 kilograms
Total time of squasing 60 Minutes
Metabolic Equivalent (MET) 7.00
Calories Burned during squashing500