Arm Bike Calorie Calculator

Regular exercise is the key to a healthy body, but do you know how many calories you are burning during your workout? This is where the Arm Bike Calorie Calculator comes into play. Whether you are working out to lose weight or maintain your physique, the Arm Bike Calorie Calculator provides an easy way to track your calories burned. Using this calculator, you can determine the exact amount of calories you are burning during your Arm Bike workout with just a few simple inputs. So why guess when you can know for sure? Let's explore the benefits of using this calculator and how it can help you achieve your fitness goals.

Arm Bike Calorie Calculator

Calculate the number of calories burned during arm bike exercise.

Arm Bike Calorie Calculator Results
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Assessing calorie burn during arm bike exercises is crucial for fitness tracking. Our arm bike calorie calculator pairs well with the mid arm circumference weight calculator, helping you monitor calorie expenditure.

How to Use the "Arm Bike Calorie Calculator"


The Arm Bike Calorie Calculator is a valuable tool for individuals who engage in arm bike exercises and want to determine the number of calories burned during their workouts. The arm bike is a stationary exercise equipment that targets the upper body, providing an effective cardiovascular workout and helping to strengthen and tone the muscles of the arms, shoulders, and back. This calculator is specifically designed to estimate the calories burned based on various factors, including duration, weight, intensity level, resistance level, and arm crank speed.

Instructions for Utilizing the Calculator

To make use of the Arm Bike Calorie Calculator, follow these simple steps:

  1. Duration (in minutes): Enter the duration of your arm bike exercise session in minutes. This represents the total time you spend actively pedaling the arm bike.
  2. Weight (in kilograms): Input your weight in kilograms. This value is essential as it helps determine the number of calories burned based on your body mass.
  3. Intensity Level: Select the intensity level of your arm bike workout from the provided options: Low, Moderate, or High. The intensity level reflects the effort exerted during the exercise, influencing the number of calories burned.
  4. Resistance Level: Choose the resistance level of your arm bike. Options range from Level 1 to Level 5, with higher levels providing greater resistance and intensity.
  5. Arm Crank Speed (in RPM): Enter the speed at which you pedal the arm bike, measured in revolutions per minute (RPM). This value accounts for the pace and effort exerted during the exercise.

After providing the necessary input data, click the "Calculate" button.

Output Fields and Interpretations

Upon clicking the "Calculate" button, the Arm Bike Calorie Calculator will provide the following output fields and their corresponding interpretations:

  1. Duration (in minutes): Displays the duration of your arm bike exercise session as entered.
  2. Weight (in kilograms): Shows your weight in kilograms, which was used to calculate the calories burned.
  3. Intensity Level: Indicates the intensity level you selected for your workout.
  4. Resistance Level: Displays the resistance level you chose for your arm bike.
  5. Arm Crank Speed (in RPM): Shows the arm crank speed you entered.
  6. Total Calories Burned: Presents the estimated number of calories burned during your arm bike exercise session.

Arm Bike Calorie Calculation Formula

The calculation of calories burned during arm bike exercise is based on the following formula:

Calories Burned = (MET * 3.5 * Weight) / 200 * Duration

In plain English, the formula can be described as follows: The number of calories burned is equal to the product of the metabolic equivalent of task (MET) value, 3.5, weight, and duration, divided by 200.

Illustrative Example

Let's consider an example to better understand how the Arm Bike Calorie Calculator works. Suppose you engage in a 30-minute arm bike exercise session, weigh 75 kilograms, select a moderate intensity level, set the resistance level to 3, and maintain an arm crank speed of 80 RPM.

After inputting these values into the calculator, you will obtain the following results:

  • Duration (in minutes): 30
  • Weight (in kilograms): 75
  • Intensity Level: Moderate
  • Resistance Level: 3
  • Arm Crank Speed (in RPM): 80
  • Total Calories Burned: 276.00 (calories)

Illustrative Table Example

Here is an example table showcasing the Arm Bike Calorie Calculator results for different hypothetical scenarios:

Duration (in minutes)

Weight (in kilograms)

Intensity Level

Resistance Level

Arm Crank Speed (in RPM)

Total Calories Burned



The Arm Bike Calorie Calculator is a useful tool for individuals who want to track their calorie expenditure during arm bike exercise sessions. By providing input data such as duration, weight, intensity level, resistance level, and arm crank speed, users can obtain an estimation of the total calories burned. This calculator offers insights that can help individuals monitor their progress, set fitness goals, and make informed decisions about their arm bike workouts. Incorporating the Arm Bike Calorie Calculator into your fitness routine can contribute to a more effective and goal-oriented exercise regimen.

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