Applied Overhead Calculator

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Applied Overhead Calculator

Calculate the applied overhead costs for your project

Applied Overhead Calculator Results
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For manufacturing and cost analysis, understanding applied overhead is crucial. Our applied overhead calculator complements the standard cost calculator, offering insights into manufacturing costs.

How to Use the Applied Overhead Calculator

The Applied Overhead Calculator is a powerful tool that allows you to calculate the applied overhead costs for your project. It plays a crucial role in project management and financial planning, helping you estimate the total cost of a project accurately. By inputting specific project details, such as labor costs, overhead rate, direct materials cost, direct labor cost, machine hours, and additional supplies cost, you can determine the applied overhead and total cost.

Instructions for Utilizing the Calculator

To make use of the Applied Overhead Calculator, follow these steps:

  1. Project Name: Enter the name of your project. This field helps you identify and differentiate between various projects.
  2. Total Labor Cost: Specify the total cost of labor for your project. It includes the wages or salaries paid to employees directly involved in the project.
  3. Overhead Rate: Provide the overhead rate as a percentage. This rate represents the proportion of overhead costs to the total labor cost.
  4. Direct Materials Cost: Input the cost of direct materials used in the project. These materials directly contribute to the creation of the final product.
  5. Direct Labor Cost: Enter the cost of direct labor involved in the project. This includes the wages or salaries of employees directly engaged in the production process.
  6. Machine Hours: Specify the total number of machine hours utilized in the project. This helps determine the impact of machine usage on overhead costs.
  7. Additional Supplies Cost: Input any additional costs incurred for supplies related to the project.
  8. Other Costs: Enter any miscellaneous expenses associated with the project.

Output Fields and Interpretations

Once you fill in the required input fields and click the Calculate Applied Overhead button, the calculator generates the following output:

  1. Project Name: Displays the name of your project for reference.
  2. Total Labor Cost: Shows the total labor cost you provided.
  3. Overhead Rate: Displays the overhead rate you specified as a percentage.
  4. Direct Materials Cost: Shows the cost of direct materials you entered.
  5. Direct Labor Cost: Displays the cost of direct labor you provided.
  6. Machine Hours: Shows the total number of machine hours you input.
  7. Additional Supplies Cost: Displays the additional supplies cost you entered.
  8. Other Costs: Shows the miscellaneous costs associated with the project.
  9. Total Overhead Cost: Calculates the applied overhead cost by combining the labor cost and the overhead rate applied to the labor cost.
  10. Total Cost: Presents the total cost of the project, including the applied overhead cost.

Applied Overhead Calculator Formula

The formula used by the Applied Overhead Calculator is as follows:

Total Overhead Cost = (Total Labor Cost + (Machine Hours × Overhead Rate)) × Overhead Rate

The formula calculates the applied overhead cost by multiplying the sum of the total labor cost and the product of machine hours and the overhead rate with the overhead rate itself.

Illustrative Example

Let's consider an example to understand how the Applied Overhead Calculator works:

Suppose you are managing a construction project. The project name is ABC Building. The total labor cost is $50,000, and the overhead rate is 20%. The direct materials cost amounts to $10,000, and the direct labor cost is $25,000. The project requires 500 machine hours, with additional supplies costing $5,000, and other costs totaling $2,000.

After inputting these values into the calculator and clicking Calculate Applied Overhead, you will obtain the following results:

  • Project Name: ABC Building
  • Total Labor Cost: $50,000
  • Overhead Rate: 20%
  • Direct Materials Cost: $10,000
  • Direct Labor Cost: $25,000
  • Machine Hours: 500
  • Additional Supplies Cost: $5,000
  • Other Costs: $2,000
  • Total Overhead Cost: $15,000
  • Total Cost: $107,000

The calculator reveals that the applied overhead cost is $15,000, and the total cost of the project, including overhead, amounts to $107,000.

Illustrative Table Example

Below is an example table with multiple rows of example data:

Project Name

Total Labor Cost

Overhead Rate

Direct Materials Cost

Direct Labor Cost

Machine Hours

Additional Supplies Cost

Other Costs

Total Overhead Cost

Total Cost

Project A$60,00015%$15,000$20,000200$5,000$1,000$11,250$112,250
Project B$80,00010%$10,000$30,000400$3,000$2,500$11,200$136,700
Project C$45,00012%$8,000$15,000150$4,500$800$7,056$90,356

The table displays various projects with their corresponding input values and the resulting applied overhead cost and total project cost.

The Applied Overhead Calculator is an essential tool for project management and financial planning. By accurately estimating the applied overhead cost and total project cost, it enables you to make informed decisions and allocate resources effectively. Use this calculator to streamline your project budgeting and ensure the success of your endeavors.

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