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AOS Equation Calculator

Calculate the distance a ship can see on the horizon based on its height and the radius of the Earth

AOS Equation Calculator Results

AOS Equation Calculator Results
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How to Use the AOS Equation Calculator

The AOS Equation Calculator is a useful tool designed to calculate the distance a ship can see on the horizon based on its height and the radius of the Earth. This calculator is particularly valuable in navigation, maritime engineering, and other fields that require estimating visibility and line-of-sight distances for ships.

Instructions for Utilizing the Calculator

To make use of the AOS Equation Calculator, follow these steps:

  1. Ship Height: Enter the height of the ship in the provided input field. The height should be specified in either meters or feet and inches, depending on the chosen unit. This parameter is crucial for determining the visibility of the ship.
  2. Earth Radius: Input the radius of the Earth in the designated input field. The Earth radius can be specified in either kilometers or miles, depending on the preferred unit. This parameter is essential for calculating the line-of-sight distance.
  3. Result Unit: Select the desired unit for the result from the dropdown menu. You can choose from kilometers, miles, or nautical miles, depending on your preference.
  4. Calculate Distance: Click the Calculate Distance button to initiate the calculation process.

Output Fields and Interpretations

Once you have provided the necessary input and clicked the calculation button, the AOS Equation Calculator will display the following output fields:

  1. Ship Height: This field shows the ship's height that you entered, specified in meters or feet and inches.
  2. Earth Radius: Here, you can see the radius of the Earth that you input, specified in either kilometers or miles.
  3. Result Unit: This field indicates the unit you selected for the result, which can be kilometers, miles, or nautical miles.
  4. Distance: The final output field presents the calculated distance that the ship can see on the horizon. The distance will be displayed in the chosen unit (kilometers, miles, or nautical miles), providing valuable information about the ship's visibility.

AOS Equation Formula

The AOS Equation Calculator utilizes the following mathematical equation, known as the AOS equation, to calculate the distance a ship can see on the horizon:

Distance = 1.224 * √(Ship Height + (2 * Earth Radius))


  • Distance represents the calculated line-of-sight distance,
  • Ship Height is the height of the ship, and
  • Earth Radius refers to the radius of the Earth.

The AOS equation takes into account the ship's height and the curvature of the Earth to determine the maximum distance visible on the horizon.

Illustrative Example

Let's consider an example to demonstrate the practical use of the AOS Equation Calculator. Suppose we have a ship with a height of 10 meters and an Earth radius of 6,371 kilometers. By entering these values into the calculator and selecting kilometers as the result unit, we can calculate the distance the ship can see on the horizon. After clicking the Calculate Distance button, the result will be displayed in the corresponding output field.

Illustrative Table Example

Below is an example table demonstrating the utilization of the AOS Equation Calculator with various input values. The table showcases different ship heights, Earth radii, and result units, along with the resulting distances.

Ship Height

Earth Radius

Result Unit


10 meters6,371 kmKilometers38.57 kilometers
20 meters6,371 kmMiles23.97 miles
15 feet 4 inches3,959 milesNautical Miles7.19 nautical miles

The AOS Equation Calculator is a valuable tool for estimating the distance a ship can see on the horizon based on its height and the Earth's radius. By inputting the ship's height, the Earth's radius, and selecting the desired result unit, you can quickly obtain the estimated visibility distance. Whether you are involved in navigation, maritime engineering, or any other field related to ship visibility, this calculator simplifies the process and provides valuable insights. Utilize the AOS Equation Calculator to enhance your understanding of line-of-sight distances for ships and optimize your decision-making processes.

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