AdSense Revenue Calculator

If you want to calculate how much money you can earn through your website by AdSense, the AdSense calculator will help you to calculate the revenue of AdSense. You may know that, there are a lot of factors are associated with AdSense revenue. For example, Your targeted audience's geography, your ad layout, and ad optimization, etc influence the AdSense revenue. We have made this calculator based on CTR, CPC, and Impressions. you have to provide the data, Adsense calculator will provide you daily, monthly, and yearly revenue details. We have provided the details explained below.

Adsense Revenue Calculator

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Google Adsense Calculator

Adsense revenue calculator is also known as Google Adsense Calculator. By using this calculator, one can measure the estimated revenue of Google AdSense. Google Adsense income is dependent on many things. It is mentionable that, the revenue is potential AdSense revenue. Google Adsense income depends on many things. We have discussed is later in this section

Factor's in Adsense Calculators

To calculate the AdSense revenue we have used three factors. These are Daily page impressions, Click through rate, and Average Cost Per Click.

Daily Page Impressions: How much traffic you get in a single day. How many ads they have seen. It is known as the Average Ad impression. Let's simplify things. Suppose, you have received 100 traffic in a day. You have placed three ads on a page. But users see two ads on average. Therefore, the average impressions for this website are 2 times 100.

Clickthrough Rate:: How many users click on the ads. It is calculated in percentage. Let, 4 people, click on the ads out of 100. That means the average CTR is about 4%.  It is the best practice to increase CTR by placing ads in a different positions with A/B testing.

Average CPC: The average revenue generated by a single is known as average CPC. To calculate CPC, you have to measure total Adsense revenue and the number of clicks. If you divide the AdSense revenue and click you will get the average CPC.

How to calculate estimated earnings in AdSense?

There are two simple ways to calculate estimated earnings in google AdSense. These are 

1. Google AdSense revenue estimate calculator
2. Manually calculation

AdSense ad revenue calculator: Very beginning of this webpage, we have provided a handy calculator for you. Here you need to input the data. Then hit the calculate button. It will return you the daily, monthly, and yearly income from AdSense. It is estimated based on your data. 

Manually calculation: To do the manual calculation, you have to calculate multiplication manually. It is easy to calculate. You need the same data. Then use the following formula to calculate the estimated revenue from Google AdSense. 

Adsense Revenue  =  Daily Impression x Average CTR x Average CPC ÷ 100

Most Common Niches for Google Adsense

Google Adsense web page highlighted the following niche for google AdSense. You can get an idea from here. Besides this, Google made an AdSense calculator which will help you to predict the annual income from different regions of the world with different niches.

1. Autos and Vehicles
2. Online Community
3. Economic
4. Law and Government
5. Internet and Telecom
6. Computer and Electronics
7. Shopping
8. News
9. Food and Drinks
10. Sports
11. Pet and Animals
12. Games
13. Jobs and Education
14. Book and Literature
15. Home and garden
16. Science
17. Business and Industry
18. Travel 
19. Real Estate
20. Reference
21. People and Society
22. Arts and Entertainment
23. Hobby and Leisure
24. Beauty and Fitness
25. Health

How much does AdSense pay per 1000 views?

It solely depends on the niche and from which country you are getting the most traffic. As likely, you can earn twice a time from a visitor of the USA than India or South Asian subcontinent. 

How is AdSense revenue calculated?

In our calculator, we follow this formula

Adsense Revenue  =  Daily Impression x Average CTR x Average CPC ÷ 100

How much money can I make from AdSense with 1000 visitors per day?

From 1000 visitors per day you can earn around $1.20. But it mostly depends on the niche and the most trafficked country. 

Is Google AdSense free?

Yes, Google AdSense is free. This is the free program that will give you the fastest and easy way to display google ads.