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Absolute Value Calculator can be used for the finding absolute value of any number. It may be positive or negative, even decimal. Absolute value indicates the the distance from zero to other numbers. So, it is always positive number.Use this calculator to get the absolute value of any numbers. Enter any real number in the below . It will show you the results with equation. Let's find absolute value calculator

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What is Absolute Value ?

The absolute value of any number indicates the distance from zero. As we know that, the distance can't be negative, so the absolute value is always positive number. In short we can say that, the absolute value is the non-negative real numbers which express the distance from zero.In mathematics, Absolute value is express by modulus sign ( | |). Therefore, when we express |X|, it represents absolute value of X.

 If X is positive number then |X| = X and if the X is negative number the absolute value X will be |X| = -X. For example, |-4| = - (-4)  = 4 and |4| = 4

Absolute Value of any real number

Absolute Value Equation Calculation

Like general algebraic equation, Absoulute value equation can be calculated. But when you are going to remove modulus sign, you have to calculate two values for that equations. Because, the value of unknown variable may be positive or negative. That's the reason, we have to consider two value of that variable. We have provided an example below. You can use our absolute difference calculator to find the absolute difference beteen two number

Let consider a equation with a absolute value. The equation is given below. We are going to solve the equation step by step 

=>  5(|2x−3|)=45

Step 1: Divide both sides by 5.

=>  |2x−3|=9

Step 2: Solve Absolute Value.

=>  |2x−3|=9

 We know either 2x−3=9 or 2x−3=−9

Possibility 1:

=>   2x−3=9 

=> 2x−3+3=9+3  (Add 3 to both sides)

=> 2x=12

=> 2x ÷ 2 = 12 ÷ 2 (Divide both sides by 2)

=> x=6

Possibility 2:

=>  2x−3=−9

=>  2x−3+3=−9+3(Add 3 to both sides)

=> 2x=−6

=> 2x ÷ 2 =−6 ÷ 2 (Divide both sides by 2)

=> x=−3

Answer:: x=6 or x=−3

Hope you have got a clear concept about how to calculate absolute value. Equation can be solve in general algebric formula. But you have to conside the both positive and negative value while lifting up the absolut sign or modulus sign. For more clear cocept, you can view the Khan Academy's Absolute Value Equations

Absolute Value Formula

If you are looking for absolute value formula, then you can check the image below. 

Absolute Value Formula

How to do absolute value on calculator?

There is no direct absolute button on the calculator. Based on your calculator model, it may be in different option. Try to check your catalogue to get the sign. I have just added two possible options to get absolute value on calculator. Onething you need to remind that, some calculator may have bars. Most of the calculator don't have. Let check the image below to solve the absolute value equations on calculators.

Get Absolute value on calculator

I have shown it according to my calculator. Your calculator may have in different option. Check the manual of your calculator.

How do I calculate absolute value?

Absolute Value of any number is dependent on the sign of the number. If the number is positive then the absolute value is equal to the number. If the number sign is negative, the absolute value will be the positive sign of the number. In short, Absolute Value is always the positive number. For Example, |22| = 22