Absolute Difference Calculator

The absolute value of difference between two number is known as Absolute Difference. By this, Absolute Difference Calculator you will be able to find the Absolute Difference between two number. If A and B are numbers. The difference between two number is A-B . The absolute difference is |A-B|. Let check it.

Absoulute Difference Calculator

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Number One ( X1) X1 0
Number Two ( X2) X20
Difference X1 - X20
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How to calculate Absolute difference?

The easy way to calculate absolute difference between two number is so simple. We have provided the step by step calculation process here. 

 Step-1: Calculate the diffence between two number. Let, We have two number 5, 10. The difference between two number is (10-5) or 5.

Step-2: Find the absolute value of the difference. The absolute value is always positive number. So,  If we take the positive number of the difference between two number will be the absolute differences. 

Example: Find the Absolute difference between 5 and -10. 

Solution: Here we need to find the absolute difference between 5 and -10

Step -1: The difference between two number is 5-(-10) or 5 + 10
Step -2: The absolute difference is | 15 |
Step -3: The result is 15

Absolute Value Calculator in Image

Absolute Difference Formula

The absolute value of two different number is known as absolute difference. If we express it in formula, the formula will be 

Absolute Difference = |A-B|