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About Us

A group of enthusiastic people are working for the CalculatorPack.com. The main purpose of this site is to create online free calculators. We strongly believe that, these online calculators will help the people to solve their daily calculation.

What are available here...

We have analyzed our day to day life. We make note what are needed to calculate of our everyday life. After deep research we have made these calculators. We have divided these calculators in different categories. We have decorated the calculators according to category.

We also have focused on different age people and made calculator for them. For example, Multiplication Table is actually needed for the Junior Level student, Similarly Adsense revenue calculator is for the Webmasters. We have tried our best to cover all types of calculators for all ages people and all types of professions.

Who are behind the scene...

We also like to thank the whole itshikkha Team who help us by providing Ideas and making different analysis and Datas. There are some enthusiastic guys behind the scene. Some of friends also provide the different suggestion. The main guys behind scene are

Meher Nigar from Calculator Pack Team

Meher Nigar

Meher Nigar is working as SEO consultant for over three years. Beside this, She is good enough in technical writtings

Ashek Rabbani from Calculator Pack Team

Ashek Rabbani

Over the last 7 years, Ashek Rabbani is practicing graphics design. He also does researches on UI and UX

Ahmed Noor from Calculator Pack Team

Ahmed Noor

Web developer and Data Analist of IT Shikkha Team. He is good at technical SEO too.